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Pre-Owned Equipment at Copy Systems

Why Pre-owned?


We understand that your needs today require reliable office equipment at a fair price. Copy Systems offers pre-owned equipment to fit your budget.


We can search our database for available off lease and demo machines with low meter counts.


These machines are evaluated by our service staff, and brought back not only to manufacturer's standards, but also to ours, before it reaches you.


We can then provide you with a "new machine warranty" on the now "more experienced machine".


Use our "Build Your Own Copier" feature to create the perfect one for you and we will begin the search.

  • Multi-Function Copiers / Printers

  • Printers

  • Wide Format



For our latest stock of pre-owned equipment

  • Pre-Owned Printers

  • Multi-Function Machines

  • Wide Format Printers

  • Copiers


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